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Get to Know Me

Hey there! I'm Delaney - INFJ, SoCal native, and lover of dogs, the color turquoise, and chocolate chip cookies. For as long as I can remember, I have been curious, both creative and data-minded, and, as Alexander Hamilton put it, "never satisfied" with the status quo. With social and digital marketing, I have found a way to turn those traits and passions into a thriving career. I have been lucky to work on a variety of projects across industries. Along the way, I have built relationships with some incredible individuals and reached new heights of creativity, innovation, and success for the brands I've worked for.


On this site, you'll find a variety of work samples from my digital marketing experiences, as well as key projects I'm especially proud to have led. If you're curious about my specific background, feel free to reach out via the Contact form for a more detailed description of my work. All in all, I hope you'll find that this collection of my history as a professional is helpful and inspires you to push your own boundaries!

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